Monday, November 17, 2008

Japanese school girl going pro in baseball

Believe it. Eri Yoshida, 16, will be joining the professional baseball league in Japan when the season starts up in April of next year. I'm usually not one to follow baseball (since this is a women in sports blog...and softball is the usual path for females) but this is pretty exciting.

Check out this article in today's SF Gate.

I'll be curious to see how she performs. Apparently she's only 5 feet tall and 114 pounds--but she must have quite an arm!

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Michelle said...

Megan, thanks for this link. This is really interesting to me since my sports background is in baseball and I pitched through high school JV before moving to 2nd base on varsity so I could play every day. I've heard of a couple of female pitchers making it "big". I think it's a little crazy because I found that starting in high school, the difference in strength between me and all the guys on my team was HUGE. Now granted I'm not the most built person ever, but still... It had a big impact on the way I had to approach the game and meant I had to practice a million times harder than everyone else just to keep up.